hand deconstruction​

green roof installation

Materials salvage and non-structural strip for your remodel or addition.  Special care is taken to get your project ready for its next step.  Sustainable practices for any sized undertaking.


The highest benefit AND best value for homes that meet the criteria. A free preliminary tax donation assessment of the salvage materials allow you to compare apples to apples and make an informed choice.


​​​​Asbestos, lead, mold, household hazardous materials.  We'll inspect your site and provide you with expert analysis on how these materials will impact your project.

Beautify your home while naturally filtering rainwater and minimizing runoff.  We're a certified Live Roof installer and can craft a beautiful custom green roof that tops your project off naturally.


Man and machine work together to maximize salvage recovery and diversion with minimal cost - for homes that fall between Green Demo and Hand Deconstruction in respect to salvage value.

Green Demo

salvage & finish strip-out

Maximum diversion for homes with limited salvage material value.  We'll manage your project's waste stream and ensure your materials do the most good and the least harm.