‚ÄčAcrowood pattern shop FULL hand deconstruction

maple valley shed FULL hand deconstruction


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This 3200 square foot commercial garage was disused and located on the Cedar River flood plain which was to be restored to its natural state.

  • 14.3 tons of salvage material recovered including metal roof and siding, full trusses, dimensional lumber, windows, doors and insulation
  • 94% of total material diverted from the landfill

This 6,862 square foot commercial building was built in 1919 with a heavy beam and truss construction of beautiful old growth fir and custom iron fittings.  Everett machinists produced foundry pattern molds for the heavy equipment that ran the Pacific Northwestern lumber industry here for eighty years.  When the building was decommissioned as a workshop in the 1990's, it was used for old pattern storage along with an adjacent 12,000 square foot warehouse, and a couple of decades later, D&D was commissioned to deconstruct the pattern shop and salvage the material in both buildings.  We reclaimed nearly thirty tons of old growth lumber, two+ tons of industrial fixtures and thousands of antique foundry molds.  All of this material was made available to the public through our retail partners at Second Use Building Materials, and our client was able to recoup the financial benefits of significant landfill diversion and an impressive tax-deductible donation.

  • 29.82 tons of Northwestern old growth fir in rough-sawn true dimensional lumber and car decking
  • 14,700 individual antique foundry pattern molds amounting to 49.5 tons of salvage material
  • 2.14 tons of antique industrial fixtures, fittings and shop furniture
  • 2.72 tons of metal for recycling
  • 84.5 total tons diverted from landfill!