Founded in 2011, Dedicated Deconstruction is a mission driven for profit deconstruction contractor and consulting LLC. Grown out of a need to expand the salvage industries reach and alter the demolition industry methods we aim to starve the landfill and feed the future.
Our Mission – Provide a full range of sustainable site prep services to transform the waste of our past into the resources of our future for social, economic and ecological benefits.

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Kris Hutchins

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Noel Stout is a salvage and deconstruction specialist with experience dating back to 2005 when he began developing and growing the reputable Deconstruction Program for the Seattle RE Store. His refined model for competitive deconstruction challenges the demolition industry to adapt. He has worked with home owners, contractors, non-profits, tribes and government entities as consultant, trainer and contractor for projects of all sizes. Combining past experience in the fields of green building, environmental education and hazardous materials he has set out to become a change agent within the demolition and construction industries.